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The ultimate goal as an athlete with DC Running Coach is to not only improve your level of fitness, but to reach a peak level of fitness for one (or two) particular point(s) in the year. Whether it is a local 5k, an upcoming military PT test, or a goal marathon, your coach will take strides with you (no pun intended) to help you have a successful season. 


Having a personal coach to develop a customized plan will introduce you to new methods of training.  You will receive feedback regarding your mileage and pacing to ensure your training progresses, and you will also receive help in plotting your workouts to cater to your work schedule, travel/vacations, races, and the fact you are human, all so that you find it feasible to adhere to the program.  Most importantly, your running form will be assessed (and corrected if needed), as it can be a key determinant in deciding which workouts (or mileage) are written into your program.


With all that said, the primary service of DCRC is not the program put on paper, rather, the primary service is the consistent mental approach to training and racing.  There are plenty of options for finding training programs online and in magazines, but DCRC offers the consideration of why a particular workout does or does not fit your individual plan.  For instance, is the question how fast you should run a particular race, or whether you should be running the race at all? 

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