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Mike's Book
The Art of Run Training: Using Sport Psychology & Physiology for Optimal Performance


Mike's Video Series on Proper Running Form


Mike's Published Articles & Printed Interviews

Baby It's Cold Outside (So Train Inside!) (Motiv Running - 12/14/17)

A Booming Running Economy (Triathlete Magazine - 12/2/15) 

The One Answer to Beasting the Big Race (Washingtonian - 10/13/15)

Q&A: Mike Hamberger on His New Book (Washingtonian - 10/5/15)

Sweat Not Only Keeps You Safe During a Workout, It Improves Performance (Washington Post - 8/18/15)


Coaches: Slower Race Times in the Summer are 'OK' (Run Haven - July 2015)


Build Better Muscular Endurance (Triathlete Magazine Europe online - September 2014)


How to Deal With Common Race Problems (Competitor Magazine online - June 2014)


Striking a Balance (Competitor Magazine - January 2013)


How to Make the Most of Your Beach Run (Washingtonian - May 2013)


Should You Train for Speed or Distance for a Race? (Washingtonian - February 2013)


Race Disasters (Runner's World - October 2012)


5 Core-Strengthening Plank Exercises (Washingtonian - September 2012)


Three Speed Workouts for All Levels (Washingtonian - April 2012)


Don't Skimp on the Warmup (Competitor Magazine online - September 2011)


Easy Does It (Runner's World - September 2011)


The 6-Week 5k Training Program (Washingtonian - 2011)


One Down, Two to Go... (Express Health Section - 3/10/10)


Effective Imagery For Runners - part 1 (MCRRC's The Rundown - April 2009) 


Effective Imagery For Runners - part 2 (MCRRC's The Rundown - October 2009) 


To Go Long, Or Not To Go Long? (Tri DC Magazine - Spring 2009)


More Power For Endurance Runners (MCRRC's The Rundown - Fall 2007) 


Warming-up & Stretching (MCRRC's The Rundown - Spring 2008) 


Factors Affecting Athletes' Attitudes Toward Sport Psychology Consultants (2006)


Constraints to Exercise: Attitudinal Antecedents and Motivational Consequences (2006)


Psychological Momentum and Athletic Performance: A Critical Review of Research (2004)

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